Prices and Booking Request

Payment options

You can pay in Forints, Euros, or we accept Eurocard/Masercard and Visa card in our campsites.

The tourist tax has to be paid extra.


How to pay your deposit?

In case our confirmation letter requests to pay a deposit you can do it by the following ways:

1.       Online payment

You can pay your deposit (necessary to finalize the booking of your accommodation) online through the online payment processing service furnished by OTP Bank Plc. You can pay with the following card types: VISA (embossed), MasterCard (embossed), and Maestro and Electron cards if the bank which issued them supports online transactions for such cards.

All payments are conducted on OTP Bank's safe and secure website, so your card information is safe. 

Please note that the sum is charged in HUF (Hungarian Forints) and the actual sum drawn from your account is subject to the current exchange rate.

2.       Bank transfer

You can transfer your payment to the bank account written in your confirmation letter. You can choose HUF or EUR account number, please take care of the currency in order to avoid unnecessary extra bank charges.

Please mention the reference number of your confirmation by bank transference and send us a copy or notice of the transaction.

Your booking is confirmed definitely after your payment has arrived. We are going to send you a report upon receiving your deposit, this process takes some time depending on the chosen payment method.

The rest of your costs and the tourist’s tax have to be paid on the spot.

In case the deposit doesn’t arrive before the given deadline we handle your booking cancelled and our reservation system erase it automatically without further notice.