Prices and Booking Request

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the booking process work?

Bookings sent to our campsites will be finalized by accepting the booking conditions (contained in your confirmation letter) and making the advance payment specified in the confirmation letter .  The advance payment also means accepting the booking conditions.

Booking possibilities: online booking, bookin request via our website, letter, e-mail, or directly on the campsite’s telephone, fax or e-mail.

1.1. Online Booking on our website

This is the quickest way to order an accommodation . You can book the accommodation instantly, with online card payment it's confirmed for You. Your confirmation will arrive via e-mail .

1.2. Booking Request via our website

If you send a booking request via our website, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail containing your booking data. This  e-mail doesn't guarantee, that the chosen accommodation is provided you for the given date. We are going to send you a confirmation letter within 2 days or we offer you alternative accommodation or date in case we are already fully booked.

All necessary information, booking and payment conditions can be found in our confirmation. You van pay your deposit (usually 50%) after receiving your confirmation on this website with credit card or you can transfer money to our bank account. You can find information about payments here.

1.3 Booking request by post, fax or e-mail

Your booking request has to contain:
- name and location of the selected accommodation
- arrival and departure date (please give us alternative intervals as well ), please note that in the high season the minimum stay can be 4 nights or more, in other seasons 2 nights or more. Shorter stays can be confirmed only in special cases (e.g. last minute bookings).
- number of the selected type of accomodation or number of camping pitches you need (even it is parcelled out or not,- see the description of the camping. Please indicate if you bring a small tent extra as well)
- number of persons; please add the age of children, too.
- the name of customer, detailed adress (please add it with capital letters, and take attention to the right postcode, too) and billing adress
- your e-mail adress

If you send your booking request by post, we send the confirmation by return of post, wich takes about eight days. The bookings have been made on our website, or have been sent via e-mail, will be confirmed in maximum 2 days. All nececcary information, booking and payment conditions can be found in our confirmation.
Please indicate in advance if customer's adress and billing adress are different.  Afterwards, we can not issue an invoice for another name!


2. What is the certain place surcharge?

If you would like to book a certain place (pitch, bungalow, mobile home), and this place is available, we can guarantee it for 15.000.- HUF accomodation surcharge. In case we can not provide the guaranted place due to technical or other reason, we refund the paid surcharge.

3. What is the water of Lake Balaton like?

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central-Europe. Its water surface is 600 km2, length 77 km, it’s average dephts is 3,5m. From the end of May its water warms up to 17-20 °C, in summer the water is 24-26°C warm. It is allowed to bath in it; besides swimming, bathing there are numerous watersport possibilities (surfing, sailing, waterski) but it is also famous among anglers. Trimmed grassy beaches on the shore of pretty towns and villages are waiting for the bathers on both sides of Lake Balaton. Most Balatontourist’s campsites have own beach in the campsite.

4. Is Lake Balaton dangerous in case of storms?

28 storm-warning signals have been settled around Lake Balaton wich call the bathers’ attention to the coming storm. You won’t get into trouble if you take the storm-warning seriously and keep the rules of the water-security. A storm is coming, if the light of the storm-warning signal flashes 60 times per one minute. You shouldn’t be in the water 500 m far from the beach if the the light flashes 30 times per a minute because a strong wind is expected. Buoys show you how far you are allowed to swim into the lake and also how far you can ply with a boat or a paddle boat.

5. Can motor boats be used on Lake Balaton?

It is forbidden to use motor boats on the lake. You can only sail or surf there.

6. What can you do here during your holiday?

In our campsites animation teams offer daily programmes to the guests. You can take part on organized guided tours to the capital or to the sights of the surroundings. If you would like to make a journey with car, bicycle or on foot, a lot of splendid destinations are offered at the reception.

7. What do we have to bring with us if we’ll spend our holiday in a bungalow?

The bungalows in the Balatontourist’s campsites have every modern comfort. Bed linen, kitchen equippment, coffe maker and refrigerator are provided.  Besides your clothes and cosmetic articles you will need to bring washing liquid, scouring powder and sponge. Please find detailed information under the description of the accommodation. 

8. What do we have to bring with us if we’ll spend our holiday in a mobile home?

In our mobile homes the comfort during your holiday is insured. All you need to bring is following: bed-linen, kitchen-cloth, towels, scouring powder and detergent. TV set is not basic equippments in the mobile home. Please find detailed information under the description of the accommodation.

9. What do we have to bring with us if we’ll spend our holiday in a caravan for rent, or a tent for rent?

Bed-linen or sleeping-bag, sheet, towels, kitchen-clothes, washing-liquid, scouring powder, and sponge. Please find detailed information under the description of the accommodation.

10. Are pets/dogs allowed to be brought into the campsite?

Bringing pets are welcome in all campsites (max. 2 pets)  but you have to pay extra charge for it. But they are not everywhere allowed to be brougt into the bungalows and mobile homes. Please check it on the campsites own page.

11. When can we check-in?

In case you have booked a pitch in a campsite, you can check-in on the arrival day from 15:00 and check-out at 12:00 on the departure day. In case of apartments, bungalows, mobile homes and tents for rent the check-in time is 15:00, and check-out time is 10:00.

12. Is there a siesta (silent hours) in the campsites?

Yes, in most of our campsites there is a siesta between 13:00-15:00 o’clock. During this period the entrance of the campsite is closed, use of car or motorbike is not allowed, you can ride your bicycle or walk. Please check it on the campsites own page.

13. What kind of payment methods is accepted?

You can pay in Forints, Euros, or with creditcard/debitcard in our campsites. We accept only Eurocard/Masercard and Visa.


14. What contains the Season Price?

The Season Prices are valid for the whole season from the opening till the closing time of the campsite. The price contains the person fee for 2 adults+ 2 children, or for 3 adults, for 1 unit (camper, caravan or tent), 1 passenger car and electricity (6A). The price doesn't contain the tourist tax, it is to be paid separately on the spot.