Prices and Booking Request



1.     Arrivals, check-in (pitch, bungalow, apartment, mobile home, caravan or tent):

Should you arrive delayed and informed us, we can keep your plot or accommodation for maximum 1 day. Should you forget to inform us, we can offer you only the rest of free places and we cannot guarantee, that meets your original booking requirement. In case of an earlier arrival your place is also not guaranteed.

If you would like to book a certain place (pitch, bungalow, mobilhome) and this place is available, we can guarantee it for 15.000.-HUF accomodation surcharge. In case we can’t provide the guaranted place due to technical or other reason, we refund the paid surcharge.


2.     Transfer of deposit:

2.1.   You can pay your deposit online or by bank transfer. For bank transfer there are two options: transfer in Euro or in Forint (HUF). There are different account numbers for each currency. If you have Euro account, please transfer the in Euro given amount to our Euro account. If you have a Forint account, please transfer the in Forint (HUF) given amount to our Forint account.

2.2.   The ordered service is confirmed only after arriving of deposit (credit card or transference) before deadline.

2.3.   We ask you to bring all your documents regarding your booking with you.

2.4.   The given amount of deposit doesn’t include the bank charges; you have to bear for them. For the cheapest method please turn to your bank.

2.5.   The rest of the accommodation costs and any additional services (e.g. extra persons, supplement for water-side pitch, etc.) and the tourist’s tax have to be paid at the reception of the campsite.

2.6.   The tourist’s tax is to be paid in cash.


3.     Cancellation conditions and charges:

Cancellation and changing Fee
31 days before arrival Free
Within 30 days before arrival The paid deposit
Within 30 days before arrival due to epidemiological restrictions, travel ban Free

 Cancellation- or modificationsday is the day of delivery of your written cancellation or modification (fax, e-mail or letter).


4.     Refund:

In case of cancellation we can pay the deposit back by bank transfer. The amount will be deducted by bank charges and the possible cancellation charges. Refund on the spot is not possible. Costs of refund are paid by customer.


5.     Changing in reservation and other conditions:

5.1. The prices of the accommodations (bungalows, mobile homes, pitches, rent caravans and tents) can be changed daily. In case of any changes the current daily price- which may differ from the original price- will be confirmed.

5.2.   Changes to reservation before arrival can be made in writing conciliation with the camping. Alteration of the arrival or departure day is also modification of the reservation.

5.3.   During your stay we can’t accept an earlier departure day, in this case the whole reserved period has to be paid.

5.4.   In case of booking of certain plots, apartments, bungalows mobile homes, caravans or tents, the campsite may ask you to pay the whole price of the accommodation as a deposit before arrival.

5.5.   Attention! Balatontourist expressly suggest you to take out an insurance for cancellation and break off holiday. 


6.     Important information:

6.1.   The house-rule of the campsite includes important requirements, which are obligations. Please read it through at arrival or gather information on our website (

6.2.   Please keep it in mind, that most of our campsites keep the gate/entrance closed between 1- 3pm in the high season and 11pm-6am in the whole opening of the campsite in order to ensure rest in the campsite. During these periods there is no arrival and departure and no motor-vehicle traffic.

6.3.   There are special regulations for keeping pets in the campsites; these restrictions can be various in different campsites and accommodation types. Please inform the campsite in advance if you bring your pet with you and don’t forget to bring his health-pass, the leash and muzzle of your dog with you and read the regulations of the campsite for keeping pets

6.4.   In few campsites you have to pay a deposit. (max.100 Euro)

6.5.   We draw your attention to the fact that in our campsites minimum 4 A electricity-supply is provided. In some of our campsites higher electricity-supply is provided, for further details please ask the reception at arrival.        

6.6.   The given size of the pitch is category.


7.     BALATONTOURIST reserves the right of changing.

We are looking forward to meet you and do our best to make Your holiday pleasant and unforgettable!