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Dear Guest!

Due to the pandemic restrictions and instability you may have many questions about planning your holiday, rightfully. Is it a good decision to make a reservation right now? Where is it worth to go to? What does the camping do for the safety of the guests? Should I worry about loosing the payed deposit?
In this summary we will answer the thee most common question to resolve your worries and give some useful informations.


May I travel to Hungary?

General regulation, wearing mask, Certificate of protection against the Corona virus on videos: 


Further information:

Is camping holiday safe?

sator.jpg Actually camping holidays are the safest form of holidays. Campers arriving to a camping plot or pitch travel by they own veichle, and the own camping equipment enables to make the holiday contactless. In case of mobile homes or bugalows guests can spend their holiday separated from each other, the paths goes outdoor, and large spaces ensure the safe distance, the shaping of the sanitary blocks ensure their good ventilation. Sport facilities are also outdoor, the food can be eaten on the terrace of a restaurant, or order to take away. Fortunately, the qualities of the Balatontourist Campsites make possible the minimization of the contacts.


What will happen to my reservation if the campsite must be closed?


You can cancel or change your reservation free of charge till 31. day before arrival. If we have to close the campsite due to epidemiological restrictions, or a travel ban, in this case you can change the term of your reservation free of charge or you can cancel it within 30 days also. If you have already paid the deposit, we transfer the total amount back to yout bank account.

In case of epidemiological restrictions, or a travel ban the cancellation is free of charge within 30 days!



What measures are done for the guests of Balatontourist?


In season 2020 we have already done plenty of protective measures: the cleaning protocol was strenghtened, receptions desks were installed with plexi wall, hand sanitizer stations were established, we indicates the safe distance with floor signs on the reception, information tables were installed in sanitary blocks and public areas, and our house rules were extended with epidemiological regulations. In sanitary block liquid and foam soaps were changed to disinfection gel, the mobile homes and bungalows were equipped with disinfection feeders filled up with disinfectant soap. Our colleagues are prepared for the safe welcome of the guests. We have also buyed ozone air purifiers for the general and full disinfecting. We prepare for season 2021 with these measures, we extend the number of the hand sanitizer stations on the popular area of the campsite. We follow up the epidemiological rules and we strictly keep them furthermore.

We hope we could help you with useful information to make a decision. If you have further question, do not hesitate to conctact us! You can book your camping holiday riskfree right now on our website.

Your contentment and sense of security are the most important for us!

We are looking forward to welcome you in 2021!

Balatontourist Team