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Information about the online payment

You can pay your deposit (necessary to finalize the booking of your accommodation) online through the online payment processing service furnished by OTP Bank Plc. You can pay with the following card types: VISA (embossed), MasterCard (embossed), and Maestro and Electron cards if the bank which issued them supports online transactions for such cards.

All payments are conducted on OTP Bank's safe and secure website, so your card information is safe. 

Please note that the sum is charged in HUF (Hungarian Forints) and the actual sum drawn from your account is subject to the current exchange rate.

Before you start the procedure:

  • Please ready the following data: the name of the cardholder, the bank's name that'd issued the card, the card number, expiry date and -- if your cards supports it -- the CVV2 or CVC2 code (found on the back of the card, by the signature, the last three digits of the long number there).
  • Please make sure you have enough funds on your card. The bank will not accept partial payment, so either the full deposit sum is charged, or the transaction fails.
  • Please make sure your internet connection is stable. Although both our and the bank's system is robust, a stable internet connection ensures a smooth payment transaction.

During the transaction:

  • Do not close your browser until you are redirected from the bank's payment page to our landing page and you can see the results of your transaction.
  • Do not reload/refresh any of the pages during the transaction!
  • Please keep your sensitive data private and make sure no unathorized person is allowed to see it.

When the transaction is complete:

  • If the transaction was successful, you will get an authorization code for it. Please make note of this number as if any complication arises later on, this will be the reference number by which we can track the transaction.
  • If there was an error and the transaction failed, please make note of the error code, then try again later, and if possible, with a different card.

Thank you for choosing us for your holidays!

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